The publication date of this post is November 1st 2018. That means there are exactly two months left before the end of the year. Now is the perfect time to start what you had said you’d do this year.

Quick assessment of the situation

At the beginning of the year, you probably thought about what you want to accomplish in 2018. It doesn’t have to be strict resolutions. What were your intentions? How did you want this year to matter for you? What is it that you wanted to start or finish? Remember what you wanted to do, and what you have done so far. How have you honored your intentions? What have you done and what’s left to do?

Before I set intentions, I used to think that resolutions had to be followed every day. One day without and the resolution was broken for good. How wrong is that belief? Now that I give myself a direction with intentions, I choose how and when I honour them. That means that starting ten months later is fine, as long as I start.

Last year I had created an 2018 intention tracker where I wrote all that I wanted to be, feel, do, appreciate, let go of and attract. Looking at this piece of paper today, I can already tick most intentions. 2018 was quite even eventful for me. So much has happened. However there are still a few things that are pending, incomplete, and not even started.

  • I want to go back to meditating every day
  • I want to go back to doing yoga every day
  • I want to do things that make me feel more confident
  • I want to honour the intention of feeling healthy
  • I want to be kinder to myself
  • I want to continue managing my impatience

Taking action before December 31st

Now that you have thought about what you wanted to do and what you have done so far, you see what’s basically left for you to accomplish. Think about what you want to do in the next two months to make this year matter.

In my case, my to-do list is this:

  • Meditate at least ten minutes a day
  • Practice yoga at least ten minutes a day
  • Get written feedback from clients about coaching
  • Start the Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (back to school next week!)
  • Continue developing myself as a coaching and mindfulness practitioner
  • Help more people around me

How about you?