Success stories from inspiring people
I don’t know how many people can say the same, but I have a job that I love to bits. It wasn’t always like that.

God knows how many times you stick to the job you have even though it does not inspire you simply because you have no idea how to go about and change things, or simply because you tell yourself you should be grateful you are lucky enough to even have a job. After all, you need to pay the bills, right?

Simply realizing what makes you tick in your daily job is hard enough in the fast-paced society we live in, and sadly, taking the time to step back and figure it out is not a luxury we can often afford.

Marion is the person who helped me do exactly that. She was the helping hand I needed to, first of all, admit to myself that I needed a change. With her help, not only I felt safe saying that out loud, but I also figured out where I wanted to fo and how to get there. She guided and supported me in all the steps I had to take to achieve my “next step”.

Whether you have a job you love but don’t know what your next step should be, or you are stuck in a job you hate but don’t dare jump to your next opportunity, Marion is most qualified person to help you realise what your goals are and how to achieve them.

I could never recommend her enough!

Elisa, Support Analyst

Working as an internally promoted leader in a large and still growing organization I am always looking to improve my leadership skills, learn something about myself and work on the self-doubt that overcomes me from time to time. I am glad I got the opportunity to work with Marion on my values, so that I have a compass to guide me in my leadership. Marion is an excellent coach. She is able to help you figure out what you need and make it seem like you did it all by yourself. She is very adaptable and offers various approaches (creative, visual, verbal, etc) for you to choose from. Marion follows your lead but also pushes you that little bit further, making sure you get what you need. I enjoyed that she was able to talk about various concepts and scientific aspects and how to apply them. Marion knows her craft and is well prepared for her sessions.

I highly recommend her as a career and leadership coach!

Saskia, Regional Director

In autumn 2017 I felt like my career had reached a dead point. Even though I had a very important promotion just one year before, I was feeling extremely unsatisfied with my new (very sough-after) role. I lost any interest and motivation: the efficient, energetic and inspired/inspiring me was long gone. I found myself really confused and unconfident.

That’s when I decided to ask for Marion’s support. In only a few sessions and through the iWAM and Extended Disc tests, I could clearly see my personality assessment, my natural preferences, what motivates me. I finally felt powerful and in control again. With renewed energy and enthusiasm, I decide to change radically my career and in spring 2018 I started my own business. And, as a consequence, the quality of my life has changed as well.

Thanks a million, Marion.

Gianmario, Small Business Owner

I had a series of coaching sessions with Marion and they were so beneficial that I would totally recommend it to anybody. It does not matter what your career goals/struggles/plans are, I feel this is a ‘journey’ that anyone should take at least once in their lifetime. Every week I was really looking forward to our sessions and the positive energies and the sense of empowerment that I got from each one of them lasted for days and days after it. Thank you so much Marion for your precious support!

Chiara, Small Business owner

Marion is a fantastic coach. Her approach was tailored to my personality, way of thinking and most importantly to my own goals from day one. She helped me structure my thoughts and achieve those goals in a creative and witty way. I always felt very comfortable in the sessions and it was fun to progress both as a person and professionally. Thank you so much!

Sabine, Senior Manager

I turned to Marion in a time where I needed to find my own style and direction. I am glad I took this opportunity because she listened and helped me get out what I didn’t know I already had. Marion helped me understand what I can and can’t control and how to respond to professional and personal challenges. It’s also thanks to her that I am a better leader now as well as a better version of myself. Thanks Marion!


Elisa, Manager

I had the pleasure to work with Marion last year for 8 months.

My request was to work together to create tools and strategies regarding a specific work situation.

Quickly, we started working on different aspects and the tools, exercises that we create together were beneficial for my personal life too.

I really appreciate her approach as she cultivates and fosters a place where trust and security are the keywords. I was able to show vulnerability because she was showing acceptance and no judgment along the way.

Throughout the sessions, we worked on practical exercises: mind map, story cubes to work on the creative process, the Neurolinguist Pyramid, the Wheel of Life, and so on. I loved every exercise as they were tools to help me manifest what needed to be revealed and to move forward and create new patterns and habits.

This work with Marion brought me awareness on multiple aspects of my professional and personal life. I was able to break personal habits, take accountability and create visualisation and set boundaries.

I love every session as “we” worked together, and it felt so powerful to be surrounded while you are doing some work on yourself. As we ended our sessions, I gain more acceptance on my own person, more confidence and until now I am using strategies built at that moment.

Marion is a coach that I will recommend to everyone that is willing to give themselves the gift of self-awareness.
She has many resources, is really dynamic and compassionate. Plus, she is funny so your sessions will never end without laughing.

Myriam, Senior Relationship Manager