We talk about it all the time at the Institute, whether it is on in our articles or with our clients: self-awareness is the first step to self-improvement. There’s no skipping possible: you have to start with yourself before you take better decisions, set clearer goals, build more meaningful relationships, or create positive change in your life

Knowing who you are is more complicated than it looks though. Too often people stay at the surface, to what’s visible, without looking deeper and finding what’s beneath. And how do you know you are self-aware? We prepared a short questionnaire for you to find out. The questions revolve on what we think are the keys elements to awareness.

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1.You have already done therapy or coaching sessions
2.You know your core values
3.You always know what triggers your emotions
4.You know your strengths and your weaknesses
5.You have read a few books on self-development
6.You always pay attention to your environment (for instance: weather, noise, people, movement)
7.You find that time passes very fast
8.You always understand why people act a certain way
9.You understand workplace/office politics
10.You have a clear career goal
11.How often do you meditate?