Privacy Policy

I was looking for an elaborate privacy policy template on the Internet (they are always very formal and wordy) but then wondered: why complicate things? Let me tell you in my own words how I respect your privacy.

The short version

I use Google Analytics to track what content works best and where the visits come from, that’s all.

When you share with me your email address and name, I will never, ever, ever share them with anyone. I will not spam you either or start sending you 3 emails a day, nah huh. I loathe being spammed or receiving too many emails, even from websites I signed up to, and I suppose you are the same.

The long version

1. Google Analytics
The only tracker I use on is Google Analytics.

I searched how to make Google Analytics compliant with GDPR and have managed to understand what to do to make your IP address anonymous (I didn’t even know Google Analytics was tracking it). IP addresses are not tracked in my Google Analytics dashboard.

I still collect some data not on who you are, but what you do on my site, precisely:

  • The site you came from (search engine, social media or directly by typing the URL)
  • The first page you landed on, and the last page you visit
  • How much time on average all the daily/weekly/monthly visitors spent on each page
  • The country of the Internet network you use to connect to my site
The purpose

I check how many visits I receive each week, what content was the most read, and where these visits came from. I do so in the sole purpose of understanding what my audience prefers the most, and what channels I should emphasise on when communicating with all of you.

What do I do with it

Aside from looking at it once or twice, nothing. I mean, what else is there to do with it?

2. Contact form

When you use the contact form on the page, I receive an email only with the information you provided, that is your name, email address and message. I only use them to answer to you. I do not delete the email, in case we talk at another moment, but I can if you expressly ask me to.

I also consider that everything discussed in these emails is by default confidential.


WordPress stores the data you mention when posting a comment, that is your name, email, site and comment. It is also displayed on the site, under blog posts. If you wish to remove it, please contact me using the contact form and I will delete it for you.

4. Email list

I recently started adding a few forms here and there on the site to start building an email list. My intention is to go a step further in what I do on the blog and send you more great content by email. It can be easy to forget to come back on the site and check our new articles, this is a great way to receive tips and resources on personal development without lifting a single finger.

Here are the topics I will write about in the newsletter:

  • Articles I wrote
  • Behind the scenes of The Institute of You
  • Additional readings and links about personal development and mindfulness I found interesting
  • Updates on upcoming courses, podcasts and webinars I will do

I will send you two emails per month.

To finish

I tried to make this privacy page as relevant and compliant as possible. If you have any question regarding any of the points above, please reach out via the contact form and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Updated: 13th August 2018