This week I share all the tips and resources I use to coach myself when I feel overwhelmed or if I need to take an important decision.

You can listen to the episode here.


  • Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process done in a safe environment
  • Self-coaching is about reproducing this process on your own
  • First identify the goal of the self-coaching session, then define the success criteria: how will you know it is successful?
  • Then ask yourself “what needs to happen?”
  • Don’t stop at the first answer, keep digging with “what else?”
  • At the end, decide actions you want to take
  • Share what you discovered with people you trust

Some questions you can use to coach yourself

  • What is important for you?
  • What’s the purpose?
  • What does it mean to you?
  • What are you the most proud of?
  • How do you feel about (XYZ)?
  • What did you learn from (XYZ)?
  • What could you do differently next time?
  • What do you want to do about it?
  • What are you going to do first?
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How do you want to get there?
  • What resources do you need? What else?
  • Who can support you?
  • What are your options?
  • What is under your control? What is out of your control?
  • What do you want to change?
  • What would you try now if you knew you could not fail?
  • What’s the worst that can happen, and how will you handle that?
  • What’s the first step you need to take to reach your goal?
  • What do you need in order to succeed?
  • What is stopping you from doing (XYZ)?
  • What does success look like?