This week I answer the question “how to make time for your personal development”. It can take a lot time to ask for feedback, analyse the responses and create an action plan, so before you do that, you need to free some time during the day. How? That’s what I talk about in this episode.

You can listen to the episode here.

The tips

  1. Block one day per week (or two half-days) where you will not have any meeting (here’s the HBR article I mentioned)
  2. Say no to meetings if they are scheduled during that day
  3. Use Stephen Covey’s time management quadrant or the Eisenhower matrix (see below)
  4. Avoid distraction to stay focus
  5. Avoid multitasking
  6. Delegate tasks that are not important/not urgent to others
  7. Use a monthly to-do list to map what each month will look like
  8. Know when you are the most efficient during the week (beginning or end?) and during the day (morning or afternoon?)
  9. Automate tasks in your inbox and calendar by setting up automatic responses and filters (more here)
  10. Map your week and set your intention
  11. Make good use of free time by learning new things
  12. Apply the “2 minute rule” by David Allen: if it can be done in two minutes, just do it.

Stephen Covey’s Quadrant

Eisenhower’s Matrix