Today is the day of new beginnings for me, and I want you to know what exact beginnings I am talking about. As you know I was a director in a tech company for a few years. I decided last month to resign to be able to focus on other things related to what I love the most: coaching, and supporting others in their own personal and professional development.

My plan has many different aspects I am very excited about.

I am launching my own business. I am going to work as an external coach and collaborate with companies who want to create a coaching culture in their organisation. This includes 1:1 and team coaching as well as mentoring. The company is called The Reflective Mind Co. If you want to get updates, you can check our Linkedin page.

I am going to develop The Institute of You. This platform is complementary of The Reflective Mind Co. as it focuses on individuals and not companies. I want to write more articles to give people the resources they need to develop themselves and fulfill their potential.

I am going to keep developing myself as a coach. I have a lot of books I haven’t had time to read on positive psychology and coaching models. I want to study them this summer and reflect on how I can apply them in my practice.

I am going to go back to university! After the summer, I am going to start a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in a University in Paris that has a distance learning programme. I am beyond thrilled as I am going to expand my knowledge on behaviours and mental processes, which will make me a better coach.

I need time to explore other ideas. I have a few other projects in mind, all related to coaching and personal development. I first need to go through my to do list of the next few months before being able to work on them.

On a personal level, I am going to enjoy life to the fullest. I want to spend more time with my loved ones. I want to continue doing yoga. I want to organise my day the way I feel like. I want to decide for myself.

(I told you I had a plan!)

It took time, that’s why I am sure of it

It might seem like a radical change to most people, but to me it genuinely isn’t. I have been building it both consciously and unconsciously for years as I always looked for projects I could start. For some of these projects I even worked on a business plan – but never actually took action on it.

Coaching was different though. I didn’t start coaching with the idea that it would be a business. I started coaching to learn more about self-awareness, to understand behaviours, and how people can change them. I grew so passionate about it that I only wanted to coach and train people on coaching. I created this opportunity to do that my way, on my terms.

I previously wrote about listening to your head, heart, and gut to take a decision. It’s also a question of time and timing, which are two different things. Time was important, because time is what I needed to find out what I wanted to do, reflect on whether what I had found was the right thing, research more on the topic, decide how I wanted to do it, reflect more, do it, reflect more, and adjust. Timing was also crucial. I had arrived at a moment in my life where I could take a risk and not have a steady income every month.