Leadership and Executive Coaching

I offer leadership and executive coaching to people who wish to step up their leadership skills, whether you are a high-potential employee, a new manager, or a tenured leader.

High-potential employee

Retain your high-po employees by offering an personalised development opportunity and putting them on the fast track for a promotion:

  • Defining personal excellence and embodying it
  • Managing oneself to be more self-sufficient
  • Getting familiar with managerial skills, leadership and influencing others
  • Creating mindful habits
  • Building resilience and strength in the face of adversity
  • Create a personal brand
  • Preparing next step in the company
  • Any other topic deemed important and relevant by the employee
1.5 hour session

New manager

Help newly promoted managers or external hires to ramp up quickly by giving them additional support with a coach on the following topics:

  • Personal effectiveness
  • Lead by example
  • Create self-awareness and build up emotional intelligence
  • Learn and improve management skills
  • Manage time and prioritise tasks
  • Build internal relationships and improve cross-functional collaboration
  • Set standards for team performance
  • Any other challenge or struggle the new manager wants to address
1.5 hour session

Experienced leader

Help experienced leaders who have been managers for some time to develop their leadership voice and keep striving for success:

  • Create and embody an authentic leadership style
  • Define personal vision and values
  • Create a plan, communicate and follow up on it
  • Master management and emotional intelligence skills
  • Learn to influence teams and peers
  • Be fully knowledgeable on leadership, mindfulness, and self-awareness
  • Improve strategic thinking and decision making
  • Any other related topic the leader wants to discuss and learn about
1.5 hour session
If you are working in HR or managing an organisation, and you want to offer coaching to more than one executive, contact me using the form below to discuss in more details your project and your goals. I will be able to send you a quote that would best fit your needs.

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Why work with me?

Leadership Coach Dublin

My personal experience: Before starting my own coaching practice, I was a director in a tech company, leading three managers and about 25 people. In 4 years, I grew from inexperienced manager to tenured director through mentorship, coaching, and an insatiable need to improve and excel in my role. I have been where you are now and know what it takes to go to the next steps as a leader.

My passion for leadership development: I have seen how great leaders can get their teams and peers inspired and engaged, and how unaware managers could demotivate their employees. I didn’t want to become the latter, so I learned to develop myself and slowly influenced others to think about their own leadership style through coaching.

My credentials: I hold an Associate Certified Coach accreditation from the International Coach Federation, as well as a Mindfulness Practitioner certification. I have a Master’s Degree in Management, and I am currently doing a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

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