I just started a Bachelor's degree in Psychology

I just started a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology

Yesterday was the first day of the academic year for the degree I decided to start. I have mixed feelings, ranging from complete ecstatic to complete panic.
Why am I doing this to myself?

That is the question I am currently asking myself as I look at all that I am going to have to go through in the next five years. Oh yeah, because I don’t plan on stopping at the Bachelor’s degree. I want to go to the Master’s degree after that.

So why?

Because I am a relentless, compulsive and insatiable learner. I am never satisfied with the level of information I have, and I always want to go the extra mile to learn more. With coaching I discovered that you don’t know what you don’t know, and that just fueled my curiosity even more. What is out there that I don’t know yet? So. Many. Things. About me, about people, about life and the world we live in. Obviously one has to pick the topics one wants to know about. I am not interested in knowing about astrophysics and I am fine with my complete ignorance on the subject. I just can’t cope with the fact that I might not know something that will help me understand better the way people function, and in the case of coaching, support them in a more impactful way.

So in order to develop myself to be the best coach out there, I did an extensive coaching training, I practice coaching a lot, I get coaching too for myself, I read many (many) books, and I watch loads of videos; all that in order to learn as much as I can on the topic.

But (there’s always a but), to this day, it has never felt enough to me. So a year ago I started researching how I could deepen my knowledge on psychology, specifically social psychology, and work and behavioural psychology. I want to understand how people work in groups, what dynamics are developed in companies, and how to shape a culture that supports employees’ happiness. There were a few options, which I will go through below.

The options I had and the choice I made

I knew that if I wanted to learn about psychology, I would do it in university to learn from experienced psychologists and lecturers and also get familiar with research. I don’t plan on becoming a researcher, but I think it’s important that I understand how researches in this field are conducted, and even try my own to practice. I also didn’t want to stop working, so it had to be part-time/evening classes.

Having these two requirements already limited the options I had and allowed me to target specific courses.

The first one I found was the MSc in Work and Behavioural Psychology at DCU, which is a two-year program with a class every Wednesday from 3pm. However (there’s always a however), the cost was €6,400. Per year. So nearly €13K. Hum. The price tag prompted me to look elsewhere.

As I continued looking into the courses I could take, I started getting interested in the requirements to get the title of Psychologist, just out of curiosity. It is a regulated profession and you can only have the title of psychologist if you meet certain requirements: typically, if you do undergad and postgrad in psychology in a university. With the massive cost of an academic year, doing 4 years of university in Dublin was not an option. So I looked into distance learning institutes in France, where I am originally from.

It turns out, some French universities offer distance learning for a number of Bachelor’s degrees, including Psychology. One in particular, located in the region of Paris, even offers the Master’s. The number of places is limited every year, so I logged in 5 minutes before the registration opened to be among the first. And it worked!

The set-up

This first year is an introduction to all the main fields of psychology. I am going to learn about:

  • The history of psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Social psychology
  • Neurosciences
  • Epistemology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Ergonomics
  • Stats applied to psychology
  • And a lot of other things

I’m particularly excited about social psychology, which is the basis of work and behavioural psychology, and ergonomics! I’m also genuinely interested about all the others topics as I want to understand the broader view of the human mind.

Everything that I learn, I will share it on the blog with you. First because I am sure it’ll interest you. Second because a great way to learn about something is to actually teach it to something else.

Wish me luck on this journey! I will keep you posted on social media and we will do a check in after the exams next summer 🙂