How To Get Started

Understand when you can't do this without support
Leading a fulfilling life and/or career is not always easy. Everyone needs a little support from time to time to gain clarity and be able to take decisions.
First Call
Schedule a free coaching conversation
You can experience coaching with a free one hour conversation where we will talk about your needs, your expectations, and how coaching could help you.
First Call
First session
Book your first session
If you like what you experienced in our initial call and decide to go ahead with coaching, this is where we start diving into your goal(s) and how you can get there.
First session
The Following Sessions
Come to sessions with your true self
At every session, we focus on you. We go through what you have done that brings you closer to your goal(s). We discuss challenges you might have encountered along the way and find strategies to overcome them.
The Following Sessions
Between sessions
Ongoing support
Our support continues beyond our bi-weekly sessions. We are available by email and text if you want to do a followup. We proactively check in with you to see how you're doing and to send you additional materials we think you might find useful.
Between sessions
Learn and grow
Coaching is a learning process. About you, your motivations, your abilities, your potential. At the end of coaching, you will have additional resources to handle any situation with strength, clarity, and confidence.

There’s no preset coaching program

We will customise coaching on you. Our agenda is your success.


Coaching is effective in many situations anyone encounters at some point:

  • When you find yourself at a crossroad in your career and/or in your life,
  • When you feel like you are not in control anymore,
  • When you want to improve yourself and develop your skills.

We wrote an article to share in more details when coaching could be useful: 8 Signs It’s Time To Get A Coach. See if you recognise yourself in any of these.

We also created other resources to help you find out if coaching is for you:

A session usually lasts between 1 hour and 1.5 hour to give you enough time to explore your thoughts, discuss where you are, assess your progress, and set a goal for the following session.

It depends on what you want to discuss in coaching, your goals, your current challenges and your expectations. We usually recommend a minimum of 6 sessions over 3 months to start seeing progress, implement what you’ve learned, take action and review the results together to adjust if needed.

We do all our sessions with the videoconference platform Zoom. We create and send you the link for you to join. With just one click, you are logged into the call and we can start the session.

Pricing depends on your goals with coaching and the number of sessions you would need to achieve them. We pride ourselves to offer affordable prices and flexible payment plans to let everyone have the opportunity to develop themselves.

Contact us to schedule a free coaching conversation which will allow you to experience coaching at no cost.

Sessions need to be regular for us to discuss your progress and provide ongoing support. Depending on the urgency of the goal to achieve, sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly.

Before you commit to coaching, it’s important you first experience it. During our free one-hour coaching conversation, we’ll dive into what you would like to achieve, where you are now, and what challenges you are facing. We will explain how coaching works and answer any questions you might have. We’ll then spend the rest of the conversation exploring your goals and defining how coaching can help you.

It’s a positive and empowering moment which will allow you to gain some insights and clarity.

Contact us now to get started

Start with a free 1 hour coaching conversation for you to experience what coaching is.