As you probably know by now, I started a new adventure a month and a half ago: I decided to leave my full-time job to focus on what I was passionate about: personal development, mindfulness, learning and authenticity.

What I did was designing my own job, which I believe anyone can do, even when employed. As I am getting familiar with the freedom that comes with not working for someone else, I have witnessed my creativity coming back like a high-speed train.

Time + ideas = change

I am excited to share with you some updates about the Institute of You and some of the things that I have been working on this summer that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Even though this platform has existed for over a year now, I only recently sat down to think about what I wanted to do with it. What I really wanted to do with it. Up until a few weeks ago, it wasn’t clear to me. I struggled to find my own voice, to let myself write with my own style. Which, you’ll agree , is a shame since this blog talks about self-awareness. How am I supposed to convey the importance of authenticity if I’m not being authentic?

Reflecting on this question was very important. It made me realise that I had to stop overthinking everything, and that I wanted to open up more about my own experience in each article as they all originate from something I lived, read, learned or saw myself. My intention is for you to get to know me, and for me to connect with you.

Regarding the frequency of articles, I have continued writing this summer and found the right pace to put quality of publications over quantity.  I will post one new article every Thursday on the blog of the Institute of You.

The first thing I worked on after leaving my full-time job, aside from writing articles on the blog, was creating an online course. It’s called Ignite Yo’self and it’s not your typical online course.

This course provides 15 practical activities to build your self-awareness and develop your awareness of others. It gives you psychometric tests on your preferred intelligences, your learning style, your drivers, how to reflect on your past, identify your core values, find your purpose… And a lot more. You will also learn about important concepts and will be able to apply them to yourself and to others.

For me it was SUPER important to give you access to some of the resources I use with my coaching clients. I am aware that not everyone can afford a coach, so I wanted to give you the tools to work on yourself at much lower cost.

I am also thrilled to announce that I am going to create a podcast for The Institute of You and the first episode will be published in a couple of days. I will release one episode each week, every Tuesday, for you to start the week on a positive, inspiring, and empowering note.

The podcast looked to me like an amazing way to go a step farther in sharing resources with you. The first episode will be an introduction to the podcast, its purpose and mission, but also about the series of events that led me to talk and write about personal development. Save the day for next Tuesday 4th September! I hope you will like this new format