We created resources you can print and use for your own personal and professional development.

Career Planning

1- Self-reflection

Explore who you are, what you value the most, and what motivates you.

2- Skills, Strengths & Areas of Development

Be real with what you know, what you are good at, and where you should grow.

3- Career Vision & Goals

Start working on a career journey, starting from the long-term vision and setting a path to get there.

4- Career Matrix

Place your skills and motivation on a matrix to visualise what your next job should focus on.

Time Management

To-do list

Add all the tasks you have postponed to this to-do list and get them ticked one after the other.

Time Management Matrix

Sort your tasks by urgency and importance to prioritise better and gain focus.


Learning Styles

How do you learn best?

Multiple intelligences

What are your natural abilities ?


What are your underlying forces?


Daily habit tracker

Track daily habits all year long.

Intention sheet

Set intentions for your day, your week or your year.