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Accelerate your journey

Do you feel like it’s time for a change in your career or in your life? Do you want to explore your potential, find your purpose and achieve your goals? Do you want to feel fulfilled?
Let’s partner together to create positive and sustainable change.
I support amazing people in the change they want to create in their life and in their career. I focus on increasing self-awareness, breaking down barriers, defining clear goals, and supporting you at every stage of your journey.

You never really need coaching.

Coaching is a choice you make.
A choice to be in control of your life. A choice to live it with clarity, strengths and purpose. A choice to reach your goals faster and set high standards.
Default future versus Created future

With coaching you don’t pay for the amount of hours you spend with a coach, you pay for the long lasting change it creates in your life.

Most of your thinking will happen outside the sessions, at a conscious and subconscious level. How? By asking you powerful questions, using creative tools you have never used before, and challenging you to see different perspectives, I will support you to access new information about yourself that has always been there.

Coaching is about finding the answer within yourself and applying it to create a new future. You can continue the way you are and be content. But now you know there is more than what you are aware of, so why not take a peak at your potential and create a future that will fulfill you?

There’s no preset coaching program

We will customise coaching on you
The agenda is your success.
Here are some of the results you can expect to happen:

  • Explore your deep motivations
  • Consider what stands between you and your dreams
  • Understand what is holding you back
  • Identify your own style and core values
  • Become more mindful and manage stress
  • Create meaningful relationships

  • Connect the different parts of your life
  • Get familiar with Emotional Intelligence and how it can serve you
  • Build up your strengths
  • Develop strong personal leadership skills
  • Create a personal brand
  • Project yourself in the future

  • Explore your purpose and journey
  • Build up your self-confidence
  • Manage time effectively
  • Consider potential risks, setbacks, and the strategies to avoid them
  • Build resilience
  • Set realistic goals and a plan to get there

Are you curious but unsure?

If you want to know the impact coaching could have on your life and your career, let’s chat!
Before we talk about schedule and pricing, I always start with a free 1.5 hour coaching conversation for you to experience what coaching is.
There is no catch, no terms and conditions. You don’t have to commit to anything, you can just experience coaching and have a powerful conversation. You’ll understand if coaching can help, and if so, how it can help.
Client Testimonials

I had a series of coaching sessions with Marion and they were so beneficial that I would totally recommend it to anybody. It does not matter what your career goals/struggles/plans are, I feel this is a ‘journey’ that anyone should take at least once in their lifetime.

Every week I was really looking forward to our sessions and the positive energies and the sense of empowerment that I got from each one of them lasted for days and days after it.

Thank you so much Marion for your precious support!

Chiara, Small Business Owner

I don’t know how many people can say the same, but I have a job that I love to bits. It wasn’t always like that. (…) Simply realizing what makes you tick in your daily job is hard enough in the fast-paced society we live in, and sadly, taking the time to step back and figure it out is not a luxury we can often afford.

Marion is the person who helped me do exactly that. She was the helping hand I needed to, first of all, admit to myself that I needed a change. With her help, not only I felt safe saying that out loud, but I also figured out where I wanted to fo and how to get there. She guided and supported me in all the steps I had to take to achieve my “next step”.

Whether you have a job you love but don’t know what your next step should be, or you are stuck in a job you hate but don’t dare jump to your next opportunity, Marion is most qualified person to help you realise what your goals are and how to achieve them.

Elisa, Support Analyst

About the coach
My name is Marion, I am a certified coach with the International Coach Federation. I have supported over 35 people overcome challenges and doubt, and create the life and the career they want.

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