In my career, I have had the chance of learning a lot about myself, about others, about personal excellence, ambition and how to set and reach goals. The Institute of You is the result of all that. So I thought it would be interesting to summarise in one image all the pieces of advice I ever received and applied (at least tried to apply).

In hindsight, I can say this is the essence of any success I ever had. Check how many you already do, and what pieces of advice you’d love to start with. Pick one, two, three maximum, and explore how you could use them in your day-to-day. Take some notes of the actions you thought about if it helps.

Because these are the best pieces of career advice I ever got and ever applied to myself, I already wrote about most of them on The Institute of You. If you want to get more information about any of them, check below to see if there’s already a post about it. I’ll make sure to continue writing about the other tips in the future and add the links here.

  1. Be curious (Read more)
  2. Look at yourself first
  3. Say “no”
  4. Ask more questions (Read more)
  5. Assume positive intent
  6. Take initiative (Read more)
  7. Ask for forgiveness, not permission
  8. Understand your natural style (Read more)
  9. Be mindful and in the present (Read more)
  10. Speak up when needed
  11. Don’t take on others’ problems
  12. Be the colleague you’d want to have (Read more)
  13. Talk less, listen more (Read more)
  14. Find yourself a great role model (Read more)
  15. Learn something new every day (Read more)
  16. Ask for feedback regularly (Read more)
  17. Take ownership of your growth (Read more)
  18. Create development opportunities (Read more)
  19. Build a personal brand
  20. Know what you are good at
  21. Set boundaries
  22. Find balance (Read more)
  23. Don’t let others decide for you (Read more)
  24. Find your purpose (Read more)
  25. Create a plan (Read more)
  26. Delegate
  27. Set clear expectations
  28. Communicate better
  29. Share what you do
  30. Help others
  31. Avoid negativity
  32. Take risks that don’t feel like risks (Read more)
  33. Don’t suck up to the boss (Read more)
  34. Start with the hard task first
  35. Be creative (Read more)
  36. Live by your core values (Read more)
  37. Have a personal mission (Read more)
  38. Get a coach (Read more)
  39. Manage your emotions (Read more)
  40. Invest in training (Read more)
  41. Don’t stay late at work (Read more)
  42. Don’t postpone anything
  43. Develop your leadership skills (Read more)
  44. Listen to your manager (Read more)
  45. Don’t try too hard to fit in
  46. Embrace change
  47. Take a break (Read more)
  48. Control your body language
  49. Be ambitious
  50. Do something (Read more)