About the Institute

The purpose of the Institute of You is to support you gain clarity in your career and in your life, and empower you to create positive, sustainable change.

We think mindfulness, authenticity, and an open mind are important to understand oneself better and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. We aim at providing as many resources as possible via the blog and our coaching services.

Wherever you are in this journey, you will find the tools you need to get the answers you want.

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Behind the Institute

My name is Marion, I’m an accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC), member of the International Coaching Federation, a Mindfulness Practitioner and a Mentor Coach.

My coaching practice primarily focuses on work performance, personal effectiveness, managing stress and anxiety, finding a healthy work–life balance, and leading a purposeful life. Mindfulness is an important aspect of my coaching. I pride myself in helping people connect with their rational, emotional and intuitive selves to improve their decision making.

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Before becoming a full-time coach, I was director at a tech company where I successfully led several teams across two countries. During that time, I created the Institute of You which initially focused on career and leadership topics, and slowly but surely moved towards mindfulness as a whole.

I also founded The Reflective Mind Co. to partner with coaches in their professional development and getting them ready for their accreditation.

My coaching philosophy

I support my clients by:

  • Creating a positive and empowering space where ideas are flowing and actioned on
  • Coming to sessions highly engaged and with a deep, genuine belief in their potential
  • Emphasising on creating new habits that will support them beyond coaching
  • Giving unbiased feedback and actively contributing if they are stuck
  • Being transparent, non-judgemental and honest: what you see is what you get



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