The world wide web can be a beautiful place where you lose yourself for hours on end without no specific goal, jumping from one link to another to the point of forgetting how you got there. I wanted to share with you a few single-serving sites I found. They might be interesting and useful – or they might not. They will however all be entertaining (even if it’s just for a few seconds only). Enjoy!
  1. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes  – If you change tabs or touch anything, the countdown will restart.
  2. Here Is Today – this page shows where today is.
  3. Our World From the ISS – to explore a map of pictures taken from the International Space Stations.
  4. Noisli – put your headphones on and create a combo of sounds that will help you be more productive or relax.
  5. Unhear it – if you got a song stuck in your head, use this page to replace it with another one.
  6. Just Delete Me – this website helps you delete your accounts on many different plaftorms.
  7. Just Fucking Do It – set your goal, your deadline and the price you will pay if you do reach it. For all the accountable people in this world.
  8. Just Flip A Coin – to settle an issue or take a decision like an adult.
  9. Cloudpaint – for the artists who miss MacPaint.
  10. Winning Solitaire – because you don’t get to see this page very often.
  11. Sad Trombone – as if a bad joke wasn’t enough.
  12. Let Me Google That For You – a passive aggressive link to send to people who could use Google before asking a question.
  13. Down For Everyone Or Just Me – to check if you can do something about that 404 error message you just got.
  14. Mapnificient – this will show you areas you can reach with public transport in a given time. Great for your next exploration.
  15. Where The Fuck Should I Go Eat Tonight – for when you really don’t know.
  16. How Many People Are In Space Right Now? – find out by clicking on the link.
  17. The Useless Web – two clicks away from uselessness (you’re warned).
  18. Random Street View – for when you really have nothing else to do.
  19. The 90s Button – for instant 90s music.
  20. Percentage Calculator – because it will be faster than using a calculator (sure).