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How to develop yourself and keep growing

In 4 steps

Understand who you are
Your personal growth starts with self-awareness and mindfulness. It’s about knowing what baggage you bring with you contains, and how it can affect the situations you are in.
Set the direction of your journey
Once you know who you are, you can work on where you’re going. Setting the wheel in motion is an exciting part as you get to take the first actions towards your goal and see the first results.
Build resilience
Life isn’t always easy and plans don’t always work out as expected. Your reactions to obstacles and challenges will make all the difference. You can learn how to bounce back happier and stronger than before.


How do you handle these challenges, new experiences, and changes and take them into account? Do you stick to the plan no matter what, or do you choose adaptability? The key of success – the one you defined yourself – lies here.

Career Coaching

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I am Marion Tilly, the creator of the Institute of You.
I’m a certified coach, lifelong learner and passionate leader who realised a few years ago the importance of authenticity in the workplace. I made it my purpose and one of the main focuses of my practice, alongside mindfulness and self-awareness.